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Community Building & Engagement​

What It's About

We empower students to work individually and collectively towards what is true, just, and right. The CBCSA hopes to instill harmony, reciprocity, and balance in all our relationships with ourselves, our people, our communities, and communities that share those values.

Black Community Calendar

The CBCSA is working to build a bigger and better community for our students, alumni, faculty and staff. The Black Community Calendar will collect all events related to the Black Trojan Community.

MLK Jr Program

A living learning community established in 1995 in collaboration with Residential Education. The floor focuses on academic success, leadership, transition, and connecting to the Black community at USC.


SIS is a collective student support group for Black women on campus. This CBCSA sponsored group is for undergraduate and graduate students and hosts events.

News, Announcements and Resources

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Upcoming Dates, Deadlines and Events

Latest Past Events