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Programs and Events

About Our Programs

The CBCSA strives to create a community that focuses on Black Excellence through the four areas below.


We take pride in supporting students’ academic goals and we provide a number of programs in conjunction with our various academic colleagues. These include various workshops and seminars on topics such as self-care, financial literacy, spirituality activism, identity, and much more.

For the Culture

Here at the CBCSA, we understand the importance of having and building community. All the events that we have will be catered towards the Black community’s needs, interests, and represent the culture. Feel free to checkout the events below that are a representation of the Black culture. 

Student Development Programs

The CBCSA strives to provide our Black students with a variety of social and professional development opportunities centered on scholarship, leadership and citizenship. We collaborate with a variety of on-campus and community resources to offer these amazing opportunities to our students. 

Community Building & Engagement

We empower students to work individually and collectively towards what is true, just, and right. The CBCSA hopes to instill harmony, reciprocity, and balance in all our relationships with ourselves, our people, our communities, and communities that share those values.

Upcoming Events

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The welcoming energy and the fact that I felt accepted, which is extremely important when attending a PWI. It was so nice to see so many people who looked like me, and who were equally as passionate about all things Black! I also liked how interactive it was; it made me even more so excited to be a Black Trojan!
Black & Latin-X Student Symposium 2020
2020 Attendee
I enjoyed the keynote speakers and hearing from various students about their experiences.
Black Convocation 2020
2020 Attendee
I loved the opportunity to express my questions and interest in a safe-space environment.
Black Table Talk 2020
2020 Attendee