AACC Souvenir Ad Book Info

Want to give a shout-out to your graduating friend? Do your parents want to give a shout-out to express how proud they are of you? Does your organization want to commend a student leader for a job well done? If so, submit an ad in the AACC 2015 Souvenir Ad Book that will be distributed at the Recognition Dinner.

Instructions for Submitting Your Ad(s)

    1. Select a size for your page options
    2. Submit a payment via pay pal account at www.usc.edu/cbcsa* Payment for the Ad Book is currently available and the deadline is March 9, 2015.
      There will be no exceptions due to time constraints to print the ad book, so please submit your payment and information on time!
    3. Send your scanned photo and form documents to blkgrad@usc.edu – PLEASE USE THE EXACT SAME INFORMATION SUBMITTED TO THE PAY PAL ACCOUNT– IF ORDER PERSON IS JANE DOE, PLEASE LABEL THE EMAIL “AD FORM FOR JANE DOE.” * An example is listed on following page

      Please type Ad book for (the person’s name) in the subject line


    4. Compact Discs may be sent to:AACC 2014 Planning Committee
      3601 Trousdale Parkway, Suite 415
      Los Angeles, CA 90007

Loose pictures WILL NOT be accepted- everything must be burned on a disc

*If you are purchasing a 1/8 page. Please enclose your business card ONLY.

  1. Documents that are submitted via blkgrad@usc.edu will receive a confirmation email within one week of submission of documents.
  2. * If you submit your documents without payment you WILL NOT have a page in the Ad souvenir book.

Example Ad Sample


“Ad form for Jane Doe: ½ Page Request”




Congratulations Chris, we are so proud of you. Your accomplishment on graduating from the University of Southern California is a big achievement. You have grown into a wonderful mature young man. We wish you the best and love you. –Mom & Dad

* Your picture & text will be reduced to the size page you chose

Payments for the Ad Book will begin Tuesday, October 28, 2014, and all ads must be received by March 9, 2015. There are no exceptions due to time constraints to print the ad book. Please submit your payment and ad information on time!

View the Souvenir Ad Information and Advertising Form

Click here to Purchase an Ad Form [LINKS TO FORM ON OLD CBCSA SITE]