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The five traits of a Trojan are also repeated themes in the journey of Blacks in America and throughout the diaspora.  We, as Black Trojans, recognize that we too are apart of the Trojan experience. The story of our students, our success, embodies the ‘Fight On!’ spirit.

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Join us on The Stoop every Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm starting September 4, 2019.  

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The West African Adinkra symbol, DWENNIMMEN.  The Ram’s head. Symbol of humility and strength, wisdom and learning.

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The Black Student Assembly is a key partner to our office, co-sponsoring events like Black Welcome Week, The Annual Labor Day BBQ, and Black Family Weekend.

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CBCSA provides a variety of  workshops for college students as well as for local high school students.

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Students living on the first year community of Somerville Place find a place to call their own and extend a legacy of over 20 years.  The Somerville reatreat allows students to establish the expectations and of the community each year.

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It’s never to early to learn about becoming a Trojan! These awesome elementary and middle school students are one of the many pre-college groups that stop by our office!